I met Mr. Leo the day I got off the bus in Hoi An.
We talked over a warm beer with ice cubes and he told me about the Hoi AN Easy Riders and what they offer. My girlfriend and I had heard of these guys but it wasn’t in our plan to take a trip with them.Without question it was the very best decision we made. We traveled over 1400 km’s over 9 days with Mr Leo and his friend Nam. These guys are legends. Trust them with your life they will take great care of you and everything you own. Make sure your up for some fun though because after a long days riding they like a drink and to tell some great stories.We honestly experienced so much more of Vietnam than we ever thought we could. I happily built this web site for free because these guys deserve all the publicity and support they can get.
One last word………Just Do It, you won’t be sorry.
Ian Paynton (UK)           24/1/2011
hallo zusammen,
wir fuhren 4 tage mit Leo ud Thach durch die central highlands. heute einige tage spaeter blicke wir romantisch auf unseren trip zurueck. viele menschen, viel natur, viel geknatter und tolle einblicke in das leben in vietnam.
mit Leo kann man einfach ueberall hingehen, wenn er nicht an irgend einem thach haengenbleibt ( denn die liebt er), dann zeigt er einem alles was er weis, was er nicht weis erfragt und “dolmetched” er. wirklich schoen und zu empfehlen!
mit sechzig dollar waren wir dabei, uebernachtung incl. essen extra!
ein highlight unserer vietnamreise!
gruesse an die easy riders und die, die es werden wollen.
martine & jule

Tim from Manchester, England
I have had a brilliant time. I didn’t know it until i met you but a trip in the mountains on your motorbike was just what I wanted to do. I have smiled the whole way, I would love to go further but unfortunatley I don’t have time. Leo is a great guide, he is knowledgeable and a safe rider. If you read this and are not sure take a day trip with him. I have seen and experienced things that I would not have if i hadn’t met Leo. This is a definate highlight of my holiday and will be the part i remember most. Thanks so much, Tim           07/01/2011

Ms. Sandy & Janelle Cundy come from Australia 

My Sister and I travelled from Hoi an to Da lat with Leo and Binh in February 2010 on a six day tour. We had a fantastic time on the back of the bikes and our guides were extremely knowledgeable, great riders and looked after us like family. We got to see a side of Vietnam that we had not seen before. I would describe it as the REAL Vietnam. We were able to stop and converse with the locals thru our guides and we were able to particpate in activities like brick making, rice harvesting, branch debarking etc. It was a real hands on, meet the locals tour. Stopping to vist the local Hill Tribe people was a definate highlight and gain some insight into their day to day activities and their extremely impressive homes and community buildings. It is one of the best ways to see Vietnam (on the back of a motor bike) and get up close and personal with the local people. We highly recommend a tour with Easyriders and if you are contemplating a tour but hesitating my advice is JUST DO IT, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Ms. Evy Robberechts come from Belgium Evy.

“Stephanie Krafft”
Dear Leo and Thach
We wish you all the best for the new Year!!
We are back home now – its freezing cold in our country and all white from snow… So we just close eyes and think of the wonderful colourful days in your country. We want to thank you from heart for being with us these days.We enjoyed this trip very very much – it was so nice to be in your company and learn to know the real Vietnam – with its peopele ( and animals) how they live and work, the mountains and fields . We felt you know everything and can answer any question! Phantastic! We will recommend you wereever we
can and hope many people from all the wourld will have this wonderful
Yours Stephanie and Karl

Scott & Marc come from UnitedStates(28/4/2010)

Better late than never!!! We had a great voyage with Mr.Bon and BINH in February! six days from Hoi an  to Nha trang. Scotts favorite part was getting stung by a wasp in the testicles and Mr BON assuring me it helps a mans verility. Marcs favorite part was the great educational experience about the war. We both really enjoyed the dip in the fresh spring jungle fed river near a huge waterfall. Mr.Bon and Binh were very nice men, extremely proffesional and you must request them for your voyage. Very safe drivers and just great guys. Scott still has the smell of the wonderful coffee beans in his nose. We miss you guys, lots of love from USA. Hope all is with you guys!!!

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