About Hoi An Easy Riders – Vietnam

What is Easy Riders all about?

Easy Riders is a genuine motorbike tour experience which avoids the overcrowded tourist trails in favour of a more authentic Vietnam where visitors can witness and enjoy local Vietnamese life.

Easy Rider tour stopping to admire the ocean

Visit ethnic minority villages and take in breath-taking scenery in the mountains, forests, along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and along the coast. Stop off at waterfalls and other hidden gems that most tourists will never get a chance to see.

Who are Hoi An Easy Riders?

Hoi An Easy Riders is run by Nguyen Quang Bon, better known as “Leo” and he is the first Easy Rider in Hoi An. He has been offering Easy Rider Tours from Hoi An and Da Nang since 2004.


Leo began motorcycle touring when he was just 15 years old. Orphaned during the Vietnam war, in 1997 in Dalat, one of the original Easy Riders took him under his wing and they continued to work together in Dalat until Leo moved to Hoi An in 2004.

Why do an Easy Rider tour?

Genuine Easy Rider tours are not cheap so why do one?

Have a look at our testimonials or our TripAdvisor page and you’ll see why.

There is nothing quite like driving along empty mountain roads on a motorbike with a warm wind in your face or meeting fascinated locals who still don’t often see that many tourists.

Group of local kids with biker

The opportunities for good photos are endless and it’s also a bonding experience, spending time with your guides and receiving a genuine insight into Vietnamese culture and customs.

What will you see and experience on our tours?

All of our tours are different and range from one to fourteen days in length. Some travel northwards and some southwards. Have a look at our tours page and choose one that’s right for you. We’re also happy to arrange custom tours so feel free to contact us to discuss this in more detail.

beautiful lagoon for swimming


What Leo offers?

Bags of experience, honesty, concern for your safety and a strong wish that he can give you an experience you won’t easily forget.

Leo on a boat crossing

Where the money goes?

Being an orphan himself, Leo commits 40% of all his earnings to help children in ethnic minority villages who have been orphaned or affected by Agent Orange and the Vietnam war. You can read more about this on our Charity page.

Tour stop at a village with the local children